The first aspect that attracted my attention about this Italian brand was its name: when I met Marta Siccardi on a video call, I was happily surprised by the freshness of this creator who chose to call herself “Charlotte” like one of the protagonists of the successful TV series “Sex and the City”. I must admit that I didn’t watch even one episode of this show.  Therefore, it was necessary to do some research and I learned that … dreams are wishes that your heart makes and sometimes do come true. The fictional character Charlotte York is a fragile but optimistic young woman, who does not give up her ideals and her world. The surname Monde, “world” in French, is a way for Marta to present her own universe through her works and allow us to gently enter in her enchanted world.


Séline 925°° silver necklace with antique pink color glass stone

Another peculiar aspect of this brand from Turin, Italy, is the meaning that Charlotte attributes to the term “jewel” whose etymology is linked to joy, from the old French “joel“. Her poetics emphasizes the joy and the pleasure that goes with it, with wonderful combinations of handcrafted jewels and creams created for this purpose by a cosmetic laboratory. The fragrance, with its evocative name “Indian Silk”, transports us to an olfactory universe in which jasmine and magnolia intertwine, giving life to an amalgam that stimulates our senses, in a real ritual. Indeed, before wearing the chosen jewel, the skin should be properly prepared with the cream in order to enjoy an interactive experience.


925 °° silver bangle with antique pink color cabochon-cut glass stone (available in pink Quartz); 925°° silver ring

Her jewels are made of 925 °° silver and do not undergo galvanic treatments, precisely to preserve the nobility of the material. On-demand they can be reproduced in gold and semi-precious stones, such as natural Turquoise and Rose Quartz.



Each piece is carefully designed by Marta / Charlotte herself, thanks to the training received at the IED (European Institute of Design) in Turin where she graduated in Jewelry and Accessory Design. Then, Marta completed her preparation, working in a goldsmith craft shop and in 2017 she was finalist in a competition organized by the Vicenza Jewelry Museum where she presented a futuristic functional ring. But Marta’s vocation is to tell stories. She is fascinated by people and through her collections, she wants to convey the meaning of human existence and all its facets.


Séline bangle and ring with ice blue cabochon-cut glass stone

Giving meaning to life and… why not? Also bring joy and well-being in these transitory times! The purchase of an item by Charlotte Monde can be considered as the beginning of a path of personal enrichment starting from a jewel, an expression of that joy which everybody aspires to. The experience is amplified by the cream, an indispensable complement for this self-care process and wellness treatment.


925°° silver ring with ice blue glass cabochon-cut stone (available in natural turquoise)
Séline 925°° silver ring                                          

Life can also be “la vie en rose” and here below you can admire two magnificent creations by Charlotte Monde made in this pastel color.


Séline 925°° ring with antique pink cabochon-cut glass stone (available in rose Quartz)
Séline 925°° silver earrings with antique pink cabochon-cut glass stone (available in pink Quartz)

Every jewel is combined with an ad hoc cream for the care of the body: for example, a hand cream for the rings, a face cream for the earrings, everything absolutely natural as well as the jars themselves which are made of glass and recycled plastic. Even the labels are easily removable which make the jars perfectly reusable.


925°° silver necklace with blue ice cabochon-cut glass (available In Turquoise)

During our interview, I asked Marta/Charlotte what kind of woman her brand is aimed at: “Charlotte Monde targets all women characterized by a marked sensitivity for self-love. The cream/jewel combination leads to a more intimate relationship with the jewel … Taking care of the body combined with wearing the jewel turns into a pure act of love for oneself. As Oscar Wilde said – Loving yourself is the beginning of a life-long love story- “.



The power of a gesture of love, of an act of care, of a delicate touch, of the time dedicated to one’s own happiness and of those around us is often underestimated and therefore I thank Charlotte Monde for reminding it to us with her creations.


Discover more @ Charlotte Monde World

Article edit by  Laura Astrologo Porché

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